If you want a Political Social Media PR agency that can

  • deliver results
  • move fast
  • break barriers
  • create disruption
  • capture attention of your voters through data driven insights
  • ideas that are out-of-the-box

only we could be of assistance, as, we at Social Sena, are a team of highly qualified Professionals from MEDIA background with tonnes of experience in creating news, to be in news & above all, winning spotlight in news.

We deliver quality and quantifiable results. But don’t just take our word for it. Give us a try and feel the first-hand experience of how Social Sena could win you a massive vote bank which is out there waiting for you online on Social Sites.

Our Idea

Social Sena’s aim is to contribute in its own little yet enormously significant way to help our candidates win the popular perception and the support of masses! Social Sena offers Public Relations Services to Political parties and individual candidates who want their campaign to be magnified by effectively utilizing Social Media and Mass Media.

We believe that politics in India is going through a phase of transition with new ideas replacing the old. With the advent of modern technology the old ways of communicating the ideas, campaigning, canvassing support and conveying the ideology etc. are changing.

A new generation of voters with different outlook than their parents needs to be reached out. The processes of political mobilization which determine the electoral performances are undergoing a shift. Social media marketing, 3d campaigns etc. are the new currents in the Indian political ocean.

Contrary to popular belief, Social Media handling has an art to it that only humans possess and online tools don’t. Whatever the content, an effective translation of the idea behind the words is our focus.

Our political PR strategies are of the quality that only the best Political PR Company in India can offer and includes Online PR, Social Media Management, Political PR on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, Print Media management, Electronic Media Management, Speech Writing, Slogan Development, Videos Production, and much more!

What We Do

We are a constant companion to the candidate, building his/her online image,  preparing him/her for social media interactions,  policy/ issue awareness and relating him/her  to his electorate. This is based on the socio-economic  and demographic analysis of the constituency and the profile of the candidate. We help build the image required to be perceived as best candidate by many ways of which some are listed below:

  1. Facebook Profile handling

  2. Twitter Profile handling

  3. Bulk Text Messaging

  4. Bulk Voice Messaging

  5. Documentaries

  6. Slogan/Speech writing

  7. Celebrity Management

  8. Campaigning events

  9. Surveys etc

The real value in PR is not that it is inexpensive – it’s the fact that it is invaluable. Hence, If you want a political PR agency that can deliver results, move fast, break barriers, create disruption, capture attention of your voters through data driven insights and come up with ideas that are out-of-the-box, we could be of assistance!

How We Do it

We at Social Sena have comprehensibly planned various campaigns for social media which we are capableof implementing successfully on social media. All possible digital platforms will be used to convince people to vote for the party.

Through social media our client’s political opponents will know that much support he has of public, and this support will infuse positive energy and gusto amongst our clients cohorts. As a result, envies will be demoralized seeing this sort of enthusiasm amongst public about our client.

 Promotion Strategy

In politics you will have to connect and share. Ultimately these are core values of a vibrant democracy and this is what we will be doing for you on Social Media.

  • We will valve first time voters

  • Unite previous voters of the party

  • Spread out party’s policies amid public

  • Create faith in populace about the party’s idea of growth

  • Inspire youth to participate & to make difference

  • Introduce you to undecided voters. Let them know who you are, what’s at stake, and how you’re different

  • Status Update and Photo posting with #hashtag trending


  • Writing your views on local & national issues

  • Giving your day-plan to your friends & followers

  • Updates regarding your schedule & events

  • Rally Videos, bytes of contestant and general views of voters

  • Wall Comments, Daily Updates on Page, Online Polls etc

All this will be done to create your image as a brand among electorate plus rally your supporters by reaching them on their desktop and mobile devices with a reminder to cast their ballot.


Our Story

Social Media specialists at your service.

Social Sena was born in early 2015, soon after 4 like-minded journalists, the founders and proprietors, left there jobs at leading television channels to follow there instincts and dreams.

We had recognized that there was a huge need for credible, creative and quality conscious Social Media Managers among PR firms. Having spent over 12 years in the Indian media, as print journalistS, TV programming producerS,  News Anchors and copywriters for TV & Radio shows, We had been taught to train our focus on the target audience and its needs.

With a committed driven team, determined ambition and our conscience in place, we look forward to conquering newer dimensions!