Our Idea

Social Sena’s aim is to contribute in its own little yet enormously significant way to help our candidates win the popular perception and the support of masses! Social Sena offers Public Relations Services to Political parties and individual candidates who want their campaign to be magnified by effectively utilizing Social Media and Mass Media.

We believe that politics in India is going through a phase of transition with new ideas replacing the old. With the advent of modern technology the old ways of communicating the ideas, campaigning, canvassing support and conveying the ideology etc. are changing.

A new generation of voters with different outlook than their parents needs to be reached out. The processes of political mobilization which determine the electoral performances are undergoing a shift. Social media marketing, 3d campaigns etc. are the new currents in the Indian political ocean.

Contrary to popular belief, Social Media handling has an art to it that only humans possess and online tools don’t. Whatever the content, an effective translation of the idea behind the words is our focus.

Our political PR strategies are of the quality that only the best Political PR Company in India can offer and includes Online PR, Social Media Management, Political PR on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, Print Media management, Electronic Media Management, Speech Writing, Slogan Development, Videos Production, and much more!