What We Do

We are a constant companion to the candidate, building his/her online image,  preparing him/her for social media interactions,  policy/ issue awareness and relating him/her  to his electorate. This is based on the socio-economic  and demographic analysis of the constituency and the profile of the candidate. We help build the image required to be perceived as best candidate by many ways of which some are listed below:

  1. Facebook Profile handling

  2. Twitter Profile handling

  3. Bulk Text Messaging

  4. Bulk Voice Messaging

  5. Documentaries

  6. Slogan/Speech writing

  7. Celebrity Management

  8. Campaigning events

  9. Surveys etc

The real value in PR is not that it is inexpensive – it’s the fact that it is invaluable. Hence, If you want a political PR agency that can deliver results, move fast, break barriers, create disruption, capture attention of your voters through data driven insights and come up with ideas that are out-of-the-box, we could be of assistance!